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Do you have a product related query?

Please let us know by calling the Coca-Cola call center on 0860 112 526

Do you have a customer service query?

Please let us know by calling the CCBSA Customer Interaction Center (CIC) on 087 283 2222. or email

To lodge a complaint or log a query please contact us through the channels specified in the Contact Us section.

The CIC is accessible during the following hours:


Voice Channel

Digital Channel

Monday – Friday

07H00 – 17H00 07H00 – 01H00


07H00 – 14H00 07H00 – 14H00

Public Holidays (excluding Good Friday and Christmas day)

07H00 – 14H00 07H00 – 14H00

After Hours (Cooler & Fountain Services)


Voice Channel

Digital Channel

Monday – Friday

17H00 – 01H00  


14H00 – 22H00 14H00 – 22H00


07H00– 22H00 07H00 – 22H00

Public Holidays (excluding Good Friday and Christmas day)

14H00 – 22H00 14H00 – 22H00

The official communication language is English. Digital refers to emails and sms. The CIC is located in South Africa and services the South African market, in their time zone. Expected response time is 1 working day, unless it’s a phone call within business hours whereby the response time is within a few minutes.

The CIC access points are listed below:



Voice (Inbound, Outbound)

Sharecall number: 087 283 2222




SMS: 36224

Web ordering:

Cost of interaction through an inbound voice channel is dependent on service provider the customer uses. The CIC operates a normal cost contact number and both the phone number and the SMS rate is dependent on the service provider.

In the event that you are not able to contact us:

If phone lines are down, there will be a message on telephone system; however you would still be able to communicate digitally via sms or email.

Should the digital communication also be down, the email and sms’s will queue until the system is up, normally within a few hours, therefore you do not need to resend the communication, but expect a delay in our response.

If you opt to use the Digital Channel please supply us with the following information:

  • Outlet number (where applicable)
  • Full details of the complaint
  • The time frame to resolve the complaint in accordance with our customer care standards is 18 business hours from time of receipt.

Where a complaint cannot be resolved within the prescribed time frame, the customer will be notified within one working day, and be informed of planned action.

ISO 18295 (Customer Contact Center), the international standard for contact centre. Certified first in Africa (2018)

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Customer care lines

Product complaints
Coca-Cola Call Centre
0860 112 526

CCBSA customer order queries
087 283 2222 

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