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At CCBA, we are a proud industry leader in developing increasingly sustainable ways to manufacture, distribute and sell our products. Our aim is to create greater shared opportunity for the business and the communities we serve across the value-chain.

We’re rethinking how bottles are designed, collected, recycled.

We’re increasing renewable energy usage and reducing carbon emission.

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Key Sustainability Areas

Waste Management

Food and beverage packaging is an important part of our modern lives, yet the world has a packaging problem, which we as CCBA, together with The Coca-Cola Company, have a responsibility to help solve. Our commitment is to invest in our planet and our packaging to help make the world’s packaging problem a thing of the past, working in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company which launched a sustainable packaging initiative called World Without Waste in 2018.

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Water Stewardship

Reliable access to good, safe water is essential to life, nature, and the health of our communities. We are leaders in the responsible use of water in our operations and replenishing what we use. We’re continuously looking for new ways to reduce water use in our operations, while treating our wastewater to the highest standards. Also, we manage water resources through country projects that protect local water resources and provide safe, clean drinking water to communities in need.

Consumer Well-being

People everywhere want new beverages and experiences throughout their day and, as the largest franchised bottler of The Coca-Cola Company in Africa, CCBA is innovating to give people more of what they want while actively encouraging informed choices and balanced lifestyles. In some cases, that means adding vitamins and minerals or rethinking our recipes to reduce sugar while keeping the great tastes people love. In others, it means finding more sophisticated, exciting flavours. We’re also focused on different beverages like tea, coffee, value-added dairy, juices, traditional drinks like mageu or bushera, sparkling water and hard seltzers — to name just a few.

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Local Sourcing

Our aim is to create greater shared opportunity for the business and the communities we serve across the value-chain. Opportunity is more than just money, it’s about a better future for people and communities everywhere on the African continent. Our business is growing, which means we have more opportunities to buy locally, generate jobs, invest in capacity and skills, empower small businesses and help farmers improve their quality. We are already exceeding the Coca-Cola system’s global 2022 target to source locally 80% of the raw materials that are usually imported.

Climate Change

Climate change is a priority issue for our business, because it affects our operations and the communities where we operate. Our ambition is to reduce our carbon footprint while ensuring we understand and prepare for climate risks in the short and long term. Our approach to climate is threefold: to reduce the impact our business has on the climate, manage risks and impacts climate change has on our business and partner with others to make an even greater contribution.

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Economic Inclusion of Women and Youth

Each decision our company makes is a chance for us to do the right thing. In all our actions, we must be relentlessly self-aware of our role in the world and the impact we can have. Therefore, we must help care for the people and communities we depend on to succeed. One way we support communities is by empowering women and youth. Across local communities in our territories, we give back every year to help make them stronger and more prosperous.

Our goal is to make


of our packaging recyclable by 2025

We aim to use at least


recycled material in our packaging by 2030

Our goal is to collect a

bottle or can

for every one we sell by 2030

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The Coca-Cola system is unveiling the new iconic look of its leading sparkling lemon-lime flavoured soft drink, Sprite, in a clear plastic bottle packaging. The change from a green bottle to an easy to recycle clear bottle is a step towards Coca-Cola’s World Without Waste agenda.


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