Future business leaders hone their skills at Coca-Cola Beverages Uganda

Kampala – A group of 15 employees at Coca-Cola Beverages Uganda (CCBU) has completed six months of leadership training designed to equip them to take the next step up in their careers while also developing a strong pipeline of leadership talent for the company.

In a world where businesses are constantly evolving, the essence of true leadership lies in fostering an environment where employees can thrive not only professionally but also personally. CCBU, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, prides itself on creating such an environment, where employees are encouraged to reach their full potential.

The Coca-Cola Beverage Africa group has seen how consumers are under immense economic pressure and this has impacted our business. Coca-Cola Beverages Africa’s operations have in recent years increasingly been defined by a declining economic environment, coupled with escalating costs (beyond those associated with key inputs, such as sugar and wages).

In response, the company has initiated a complete reassessment of its entire value chain to identify every opportunity to improve productivity and performance.

To ensure the sustainable success of the business, there is not only a focus on the performance of the business, but also on the organisational health and development of its employees.

Over the past year, CCBU has dedicated substantial resources to its Frontline Leadership Development Programme, with the aim of nurturing talent and enhancing leadership development.

Launched in October 2022, the programme began with 15 participants from various functions who went through six months of training on topics such as Leading the Team, and From Team Member to Team Leader, among others.

“We firmly believe that sustainable organisational growth is achieved through a bottom-up approach, where leadership is nurtured at all levels of the company. This initiative has contributed significantly to building a company that not only values employee growth, but also invests time and resources in their personal development and leadership skills,” said Catherine Gita, the Human Resource Director at CCBU.

The primary focus of the Frontline Leadership Development Program is on the development of technical leadership skills. This entails providing managers and individuals who are already proficient in their roles with the tools they need to comfortably ascend to the next level of leadership.

The participants in the programme have attained leadership competencies that have bolstered agility and performance of the business. This is a testament to the company’s belief that investing in leadership development at all levels is beneficial to the company as well as to employees’ personal growth and career advancement.

“At CCBU, we are confident that initiatives like the Frontline Leadership Development Programme will build a business capable of serving generations to come. Our commitment to nurturing leadership is important, as we prioritise competence, growth, and excellence irrespective of gender or any other factors,” said Gita.

For a company that believes employees are not just assets, but the heart and soul of an organisation, the Frontline Leadership Development Program is one of the many programmes that CCBU has introduced to empower its people, foster leadership excellence and pave way for a brighter future.

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