Hollandia products rake in accolades at Beverage Awards

Accra – Hollandia dairy products, produced by Voltic (GH) Limited, have once again taken top honours at the Ghana Beverage Awards, where Hollandia Yoghurt and Hollandia Choco Malt were named Dairy Product of the Year and New Beverage of Year, respectively.

This is the second year in a row that Hollandia Yoghurt has been awarded Dairy Product of the Year and an impressive win on debut for Hollandia Choco Malt, which Voltic, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA), launched only last year.

Hollandia Yoghurt is a tasty, nourishing yoghurt drink that combines the goodness of yoghurt with the vitamins of fruit. It has a great smooth taste and comes in six nutritious variants, all in handy packs.

Hollandia Choco Malt Drink is a ready-to-drink, 3-in-1 product fortified with the goodness of milk, energy-giving classic malt, and a rich chocolate taste. Hollandia Choco Malt comes in handy pack sizes which contain an adequate quantity for individual consumption, as well as fitting into the lifestyle of both children and adults.

“People everywhere want new beverages and experiences throughout their day and, as the largest franchised bottler of The Coca-Cola Company in Africa, CCBA is innovating to give people more of what they want while actively encouraging informed choices and balanced lifestyles,” said Voltic Managing Director, Flora Jika.

“In some cases, that means adding vitamins and minerals or rethinking our recipes to reduce sugar while keeping the great tastes people love. In others, it means finding more sophisticated, exciting flavours.

“Across the markets we serve, CCBA is also focused on different beverages like tea, coffee, value-added dairy, juices, traditional drinks, sparkling water and hard seltzers — to name just a few,” said Jika.

“Hollandia Yoghurt and Hollandia Choco Malt Drink add to our growing range of beverages for every taste.

“It is because of the support from the communities and the government that we have been able to create local sourcing opportunities through the production of the Hollandia range of products in Ghana. We have also been able to create inclusive growth opportunities, a cause CCBA is committed to,” Jika said.

“We are delighted by the recognition of these consumer favourites at the Ghana Beverage Awards.”

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