Joshua Kasibante, a young visionary leading the way in PET waste management

Entebbe – Joshua Kasibante, a 23-year-old spirited young man from Entebbe-Kitooro is contributing significantly to PET waste management and creating a circular green economy.

Working across eight zones in Entebbe, Kasibante’s day begins at 8:00 am when he starts his journey across Kitooro zone to collect PET waste. He then reaches out to his agent collectors in other zones to inquire about the quantity of PET waste available. This approach, according to him, ensures an organised and efficient collection process.

His efforts have paid off. Every week, he brings in a truck to collect 2 tonnes of PET waste he has gathered, transporting them to Coca-Cola Beverages Uganda’s (CCBU) Plastic Recycling Industries (PRI) where they are transformed into new materials like plastic pavers and flakes which are sold to international markets to make new plastic bottles.

Through his hard work, Kasibante, who has been in this business for less than two years, was able to acquire a motorbike and uplift the quality of his life.

His efforts go beyond collecting PET waste. He understands the significance of education and engagement in creating lasting change by sharing his knowledge and experience with his peers, encouraging aspiring recyclers to start small and prompting a ripple effect of positive change.

“I encourage and show fellow youth how to get into this business so that we can rid the environment of waste together. I also urge other companies to get into the plastic recycling space just like Coca-Cola Beverages Uganda, to help create a circular green economy and minimise the impact on our environment,” says Kasibante.

Kasibante’s exceptional dedication to sustainability and community involvement sets him apart as a leader, demonstrating that even young people in society can initiate meaningful change.

He is among the over 7,000 beneficiaries of CCBU’s PRI, a plastic recycling plant that has been in operation for 17 years and currently running seven collection centres across the country in the areas of Gulu, Lira, Masaka, Kabale, Kaseses, Sororti and Jinja.

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