Voltic takes water load off the shoulders of women and children

November 24 – Voltic GH Limited, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, has lightened the load for women and children in Agubie and Offuman by installing mechanised boreholes that save them the effort of carrying water for long distances.

Voltic commissioned the boreholes in Agubie and Guakro Effah Senior High School to create a supply of potable water that frees women to do other work and prevents children from missing school while carrying water.

The borehole in Agubie will also support the Community Health Planning Services (CHPS), which serves Agubie and 15 other towns, with water to provide proper healthcare services to new and expecting mothers.

Agubie is a farming community with over 700 inhabitants surrounded by six satellite villages, with an estimated population of 1500 people.

Guakro Effah is a second cycle institution with over 700 students and 22 teaching and non-teaching staff. The borehole at the school is also expected to serve the town of Offuman, with a population of 8 000.

Voltic Managing Director Simon Everest said the Coca-Cola system was using its industry leadership to achieve positive change in the world and to build a more sustainable future for the planet.

“We produce and distribute soft drink brands that people love, and we are increasingly doing this in ways that create a more sustainable business and a better shared future that makes a difference in people’s lives, communities and our planet.

“Because women are integral to our continent’s shared success, we seek to empower women both in the workplace and through community programmes,” Everest said.

He appealed to the community to avoid plastic litter, saying Voltic had committed to collect as much plastic as it put into the market by 2023 and to achieve a 100% recycling rate by next year.

Headmaster of the school, Amadu Bermah Suleman, said: “Previously, there was only one pipe that supplied the school with water but with Voltic’s help, we have another source to provide water for us. I am also excited to learn that the borehole will not only benefit the school, but the Offuman community as well.”

District Director of Education Madam Theresa Kpebu said: “This project came at the right time as it will help promote proper handwashing with soap under safe running water and drinking which will make the control of the spread the COVID-19 virus easier.”


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